Wednesday, 21 January 2009

K2 Cyber Games


tadaa~! alex the lion uhh i mean Alex the "Balok"!
no la he was just fooling with the spectator projector where im supposed to sit haha

all of sudd our BHEP play dirty lo, wat perpaduan karnival, dunwan ppl come campaign say la. then senior duno wat activity to put, jiu hmm lets DOTA CS on BIG SCREEN! then i help organize lo find ppl go play bring own laptop, set up wiring, router etc. we got a very powerful router from Kocak dam.. 12 laptop wireless still zero lag. fuyo.. and that was last sunday night aka 18 jan.

where can you see something like this elsewhere? LAN PARTAAYY! WCG!! SMM DOTA!!

the big screenie..

my teammates in action! i mean for k10 punya Putra Cyber Games aka PCG.

Tekak, T-Back and Kocak in CS action!

pity we are allowed to play until 11.15pm. and this activity is actually under college activity lol
and dam 2nd day i got test and have to rush finish a lab report. got no time to help clean up place. so i run early and finish my lab report.

how nice if every week we get to train like that in such a gaming environment xD

Thursday, 25 December 2008

still looking for the way in life.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.”

“If you are going through hell, keep going.”

Quotes by Winston Churchill

Saturday, 13 December 2008

muney! luckily this is short xD

5 things found in my bag.
- for now? empty xD reach home then throw everything out d

5 things found in my wallet.
- IC, baby photo, me and baby together photo, driving license, J card

5 things found in my room.
- laptop, table, dust, books, DVD-game

5 things i've always wanted to do.
- learn guitar, win a gaming tournament, earn alot of money, 孝顺父母, ice skating

List out the 4 presents u wish for.
- O.o no birthday wish apa present?

The person who tagged u was
- money guy.. muney..

The 5 impressions of the most memorable thing she/he has done to you
- most memorable? wah scary xD he very hardworking during finals

If she/he becomes your lover,
- wah faint liao..

If she/he becomes your enemy,
- wah where can..

My taggee's~
life is short, live life to the max!

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

a bad deal

so i decided to trade my 99% scratchless digimon for this guy's well, see the pic la..
he literally SCRATCH the paint of the body using metal ruler or what.. check the pic above. when i get it i straight potong stim.. straight no mood d..

the white color? he liquid paper there.. i mean WTF?! liquid there for wat?

the white color is oso liquid.. he is crazy.. and the skin all been scratch so that the paint come off half and the other half is thick thin like surface of the moon.. my fault cause never see very clearly when he send me the pics.. well then i learned my lesson, no more bad deals from internet..

if anyone got digimon wanna let go, drop me a message in the chat box =)

ohya forgot, he promised new battery but when i open, the batteries already rusted, dam him.

Friday, 5 December 2008

November 28th, December 1s

ok i went penang without much hope.

Travel travel travel. reach liao. yay. i guess. haha feel just like klang, except some part with extra(i mean many) old english/european style buildings.

Spoiler: if you went penang before maybe you know all the stuff below d.

we went Jetties. ya you heard it right. Jetty(plural) these jetty are houses on sea like pulau ketam where people build the foundation on sea then build house lo. i think penang government wanted to make all the jetty a tourist attraction, so they decided to put something like this:

(click to zoom) it says LEE jetty, and 姓李桥(surname Lee's bridge direct translation for those who cant read mandarin xD) and ya, all the bridge/jetty/wateveryoucalledit is stayed by people with same surname, kinda like association lidat, but like chinese say, help ka ki lang(hokkien), or english, help our kins etc. got LEE jetty, CHEW jetty, TAN jetty, and one very geng, Mixed Surname jetty haha but i dint took tat pic ><

on top of entrance to chew jetty.

entrance to CHEW Jetty, introduction, etc.

and this is(both above) from the end of the jetty/bridge view (ya i noe no different from pulau ketam

this is the whole CHEW jetty's view, from the end, 2 rows of sea-houses lidat lo. and thats lady in red(ah bi xP)

moral(xD): i never thought penang still keeps these kind of shore fishing village kind of houses. it show the early settlement of chinese migration from China and i agree, not a bad education at all for an urban child like me. at least we noe, where our ancestors came from, settled down in the early days.

next, 银行街(Bank street direct translation) is wat i'm introduced to, no english name provided to me so i oso tak tahu xD

manage to took only 1 pic cuz in rush to other places. whole street oso banks(CIMB, RHB, cant rmbr d) and all oso old european/english/itaktahuwatcountry style buildings.

Moral: Penang is full of old historical buildings, which i dare to say its even more than those in Malacca. Penang is underpromoted, compare to Malacca. nobody noe penang as historical site/world heritage/chinese early settlement but only noe penang as food haven. visit Penang, you will change your concept de.. visit all the world heritage sites/buildings/endangered craft(later got preview)

you noe MGS? no no not monkey girl school. Malaysian-German Society?

i never know society like this existed >.<

MGS building, rented from Penang gov if not mistaken, classical building.

ohya i went there for an art exhibition by Mr. Sim, artist, husband to my mum's fren, where we stayed her house for 2 days 1 nite, thanks mum's fren! duno how to spell her name in english..

then we were treated with this:

by an ang mo which we(whole family) happily accepted, thinking shuld be sweet and nice, until 1 sip, OMG XX% alcohol.. dad straight kenot drink(he cant reli take alcohol) and i try to swallow the drink argh.. so strong alcohol taste this must be wine punya cocktail..

which and then, RM8 for each glass OMG again i thought it was free so she offered us wah.. pengsan d.

german style snacks etc, with sushi haha cuz got few japanese brought sushi.

2nd day,

notice 2 chinese temple style buildings? those are entrance to hidden temple(not so hidden)/buildings of kongsi-s/so called 'company' etc. tak tahu apa? kongsi gelap noe? hmm.. ya underground association lidat lo.. actually we should feel something about it(explanation later). go thru the front door(which is the size of a normal old fashioned shoplot), but its empty xD walk all the way back in the hidden courtyard behind, and you'll see this:

or this:

old fashioned/classical chinese style temple style bla building. as you all noe, many temples all use as disguise to hide the real identity which are kongsi-s.

it writes 福建公司 where direct translation would lead to hokkien company(kongsi), meaning the kongsi belongs to hokkien etc. there are ALOT ALOT of temple(kongsi-s) in penang. dam we walk and walk and walk and everywhere are those type of temple kongsi. same pattern, one big door outside, walk pass long empty shop(c below pic click to zoom, c the lane leading inside at 9 o'clock position of pic) into hidden courtyard(fields, some stone floor) then big big building like above.

ok history: all the kongsi-s are started by our ancestors, those who migrated from China, they settle down, but tat time new environment, harsh time, to protect themselves, they have to get organized and unite, and so, kongsi-s are born. so we cant reli blame them for going underground or what, under oppression maybe by westerners(we all noe how western see us as inferior until now) they have to protect themselves.

seriously have to look at this, click to zoom.

check the decoration at the ceiling of one of the kongsi, my mum's fren notice us with that and see, that tiny white ang mo in green shirt? thats wat our ancestors do to let out their anger on westerners. since ang mo oppress them in daily life, they build buildings, then decorate that ang mo there, to show that ang mo are workers(or duno wat) which carry their house for them lidat. good way to show their bo song towards ang mo haha *salute ancestors*

Maitriya Buddha, is he a she-male? dam her(his) breast is big.. its a pic on wall of a kongsi building.. i see time straight walau then sis-es all oso say..

and then i realized its on the roof of the kongsi >.<

then on we walked, saw this mosque which name is Masjid Kapitan Keling, which is a mosque for Indian (Muslim?) im not sure. and then the word keling is like kuli(workers or something) with negative insulting meaning lidat de.. and thats where keling kia(hokkien) come from haha its how our ah ma ah gong call indian if they are hokkien..

more sightseeing, notice 1st floor which is dam thin and lik no floor lidat? haha duno who build de building.


introducing the joss stick maker~ Mr Lee!

if you ask wat is joss stick, c pic above and below

stick duno wat is joss stick? 知道香是什么吗?烧香拜佛?the stuff you burn to pray then put in a pot lidat ah(buddhist or taoist) why above joss looks so strange? cuz those are purposely made lidat! handmade joss making craft is endangered. no younger people would take up the craft and even current joss stick maker like Mr Lee faces alot of competition from much cheaper and lower quality, mass produced joss from factory machine.

when we reach his shop at i duno wat street, we saw his friendly and happi face. then dad wanna see more of his product(joss with different shape n sizes) he very gan jiong take so many out, not gan jiong to sell us, but to let us noe, the craft of joss stick making, and the product. when foreign tourist come visit his shop, he always say this: no muy muy(buy buy) no poblem you happy i happy haha we all straight laughed..

lastly full family pic with Mr Lee the joss stick maker! notice his friendly smile and the necklace he wearing haha got write his name and says joss stick maker..

and dam, this is 2nd day d i continue this post, dam long cant finish.. yesterday 2pm til now 10.30am 2nd day, and stil going on.

its time for batu feringghi! although i dun swim >.<

no, really! these are sea-coconuts on the beach. whole LOOOOOONG row of sea coconut ready to take home.

*psst* those are jellyfishes egg xD

check the size. it change shape you noe? when put on hand it will slowly turn into round round shape, if put on beach back it changes back to long shape like on my hand. if you look hard enough you'll notice tiny orange dots inside the egg, i guess is the baby jellyfish? how they get on beach? they float in water float ah float then got wave hualala push them onto beach d lo. how they hatch ah.. i duno eh haha how i noe ah(all these stuff)? a girl told us when we was looking closely at the eggs. girl(we duno de): i go ask the lifeguard hotel there d, all these are jellyfish eggs, wahhh.. good can play d xD and dun touch too much will itchy itchy.

wah last stop d phew~ deep breath..

kek lok si! ok nothing much interesting here, except the giant statue

being build now i think its kuan yin, and this best d,

how many times in your life you get to c, half headed buddha?

and sumore brainless?

PS: seriously, no offence to any buddhist, watever-ist you are that believes in Gautama Buddha. im just looking for hilarious material, and this(half head buddha statue) kinda throw face for kek lok si if you ask me.

wah finish d. at last. wah. wahh.. wahhh.. at last i reli finish d. i think. hope dint left out anything.

Enjoy your stay here!


November 27th. Rain. ok i mean flood. look below:

my car is stucked in flood. opps. hav to stop to take pic, no i mean wait flood over..

air sudah masuk rumah!

my feet is swimming. seriously, its deeper than on pic.

junction full of water.

dam that nite was a gao lat. my hse first time water flooded in, then around my house area got few area the waters are nearly knee deep and car couldnt pass thru. dam.. many car just stop beside the road.. then at last reach home at 12.10 realizing my house got ALOT of cockroaches coming in to avoid the water, KILLING SPREE! but no pics hehe i hate cockroaches.